Daddy Freeze Defends Tonto Dikeh’s Outbursts

Daddy Freeze Defends Tonto Dikeh’s Outbursts

Daddy Freeze Defends Tonto Dikeh’s Outbursts

Popular Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has shared his thoughts on the recent outbursts by Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh about her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

We reported earlier that the Actors Guild of Nigeria threatened to sanction the screen star if she does not desist from her social media attacks on Churchill. This was coming after she granted an interview in which she called him a 40-seconds man.

The interview drew widespread criticism as some other celebrities also opined that Dikeh was going too far and needs to let go of her ‘bitterness’ as social media is not the place to heal from hurt.

However, taking to YouTube to share a video, Daddy Freeze has defended the actress and said her son will not be in any way affected by her recent rants and interviews on various platforms.

According to Freeze who is known for his unpopular opinions, in years to come, there will be a different perspective on how a family is run and people will no longer relegate women to the background as their will more enlightenment on why a woman should be vocal about happenings in her home.

He further said she will only be considered a hero. He wrote:

“Those saying her son will be affected by her speaking out are only clowning around, afraid to let go, despite the world’s visible evolution.

They are, as a result of a flawed moral compass, creating forlornly, a deluded make-believe world, as an odd in-between compromise, between their reality and their delusions.–

In the actuality of the new world we are all creating, she’ll be a hero, so deal with it!”

If you recollect, Tonto Dikeh had granted a series of interviews ridiculing her ex-husband on the internet and even went as far as saying he was a 40-seconds man.

This is coming after many argued that her son will be affected in the future and ashamed of his mother’s action while he was a baby.

Dikeh herself had also defended when in a question and answer session, she revealed why she exposed Churchill’s inability to perform well on bed. She said,

“So a man fucking man say I’m on drugs and I can’t use his sexual disease against him?? Ooo pls, honey, I said more. For me, I will drag your life from hell and back until I’m ok!! We all can’t be the same you know.”

Just recently, Dikeh had to shut down rumours that she once said in a 2012 interview that she can’t marry an Igbo man.


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